Security Projects Academy

Security Projects offers through the Security Projects Academy the opportunity to be educated through certified educational programs, courses and training in the field of safety, security and health.
The programs and courses can be attended both through group classes and in-company courses. So you can sign up both individually or as a group.

Certified educational programs
This concern vocational training in educational programs which are recognized in The Netherlands, namely;
• Security guard 2 (Dutch Standard)
• Special Investigation Officer (Dutch Standard)
• Event Security Officer (Dutch Standard)
• Private Investigator (Dutch Standard)

This concern occupational courses which are recognized and certified in the Netherlands, namely;
• BHV Emergency Response (Dutch Standard)
• BHV Repetition course (Dutch Standard)
• Airfreight Security (Dutch Standard)
• Prevention Employee (Dutch Standard)
• RTGB for BOA (Dutch Standard)
• VCA Basic Safety (Dutch Standard)
• VCA VOL for managers (Dutch Standard)
     Training programs
This concern training programs developed by the Security Projects Academy in the field of safety, security and safety, namely;
• Internal Crime Handling (Dutch course)
• Shoplifting and Robbery Handling (Dutch course)
• Conflict and Aggression Handling (Dutch course)