Project Management

Projects are not continuous and can not routinely be resolved within an organization. Security Projects allows you to implement project-based deployment of Risk Management professionals to related projects within your organization.

Organizations often choose to implement and achieve organizational changes through project-based implementation. Our Risk Management professionals constitute an important role with an emphatic attention to the context in which the results are to be achieved.

Project Management is the management and organizational control of projects. It is the way projects are organized, prepared, planned, executed and finalized. Project Management generally consists of the following steps:
  • Start of the project
  • Determination of the size / scope of the project
  • Planning of the project
  • Breakdown of the project in different phases and / or subprojects
  • Execution of the work (and subprojects) in the different phases
  • Monitoring of project progress
  • Termination, and occasionally reporting or delivery of a different end product
Regardless of the specific approach used in Project Management, in consultation with the client Security Projects sets specific targets which will be realized within the stipulated time. In addition, we pay much attention to the Risk Management professionals who will be active in the project team. Not only the required capacity is taken into account, but also the team composition.