Interim Management

Through Interim Management Security Projects offers the possibility to use temporary Risk Management professionals to shape the Risk Management issues within an organization.

Reasons to use Interim Management can be diverse;

* Replacement of a current or previous manager because:
  • After the departure of the permanent manager there is no suitable replacement found
  • the current manager is prolonged sick
  • the current manager is on maternity leave
  • the current manager is on non-active status because of disagreement
* Reorganization of recovery because:
  • there is a major change taking place in the company
  • of mismanagement by the previous manager
  • it is required by external bodies
The use of temporary Risk Management professionals has the advantage that there is less connection with (the history of) the organization and therefore it is easier to implement tough decisions.

In addition, a fresh view of a temporary Risk Management professional to assess issues from a different perspective can lead to solutions which were previously overlooked.