Red Teaming

Strategic Red Teaming

Strategic Red Teaming is a concept that can prevent cognitive errors such as groupthink, mirroring, cultural misconceptions and tunnel vision which can occur in planning and execution of strategies. By using our Risk Management professionals through Red Teaming you get to understand the cognitive errors in your organization, and then, by using your own discretion, implement the desired changes in your organization.

Strategic Red Teaming helps organizations identify weak and wrong assumptions and involve the complexity of the environment in the planning process.

Operational Red Teaming

Operational Red Teaming seeks to challenge an organization in order to improve its level of security and its effectiveness of security. Research has shown that safety awareness within an organization is only effective if it is part of a continuous process. Operational Red Teaming provides for this.

An example of Operational Red Teaming is the use of penetration testers that assess the security systems of an organization, which is often unaware of the existence of the team or the exact assignment of the team. This type of Operational Red Teaming provides a more realistic picture of the security readiness than exercises, role playing, or announced assessments. Operational Red Teaming may trigger active controls and countermeasures to be put in effect within a given operational environment.